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August 5, 6 & 7
Serra Park, Gramado RS

In 2020 we will make the biggest

brainstorming in latin america

The fourth edition of the Gramado Summit will bring together 8,000 entrepreneurs, 140 panelists and 200 companies at the trade fair. There will be hundreds of hours of immersive content and endless possibilities for connections and business between participants. Among the confirmed are the Government of Canada, as well as participants from Brazil and abroad.

The future is now. We take you to it.

About gramado summit

Meet the first
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In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built one of the most dynamic and successful sales organizations in Wall Street history. During this time, he reached the highest financial levels, earning more than $ 50 million a year, a feat that coined him by the name "The Wolf of Wall Street." Today, his straight line action system enables him to enable any company and organization of any class or segment to create massive wealth, abundance and business success without sacrificing integrity or ethics.

Jordan Belfort

O Lobo de Wall Street
Fabiana Panachão is a journalist specializing in television. With extensive experience in live news coverage and ease of dealing with the general public, she has participated in major news coverage. She is currently anchor of BandNews TV and is ahead of the content and presentation of the Dinheiro em Foco program, which discusses financial education and investments. In addition, she specializes in sustainability and global issues and is on the anchor board by Jornal da Band, on TV Bandeirantes.

Fabiana Panachão

Jornalista - Dinheiro em Foco/Bandnews TV

Dinheiro em Foco/Bandnews TV
Leandro Demori is a journalist, graduated from PUC-RS, specialized in investigative journalism with an emphasis on mafia by the Lazio Investigative Journalism Association (Rome, Italy) and certified as a Web Researcher by City University London (England). Executive editor of The Intercept Brasil, is the author of Cosa Nostra in Brazil, the story of the mobster who overthrew an empire.

Leandro Demori

Editor Executivo - The Intercept Brasil

The Intercept Brasil

The content of Gramado Summit is designed to drive the market and advance the entrepreneurship of our continent. This year, there will be several stages of content, focused on the innovation, communication, marketing, finance and financial market ecosystem.

By clicking the button below, you know all the names that will make up the content grid along with the Wall Street Wolf. Every two weeks, we reveal new entrepreneurs that will make Gramado Summit content the largest and most relevant Brazil has ever seen. In all, there will be more than 120 names.

Summit HubSummit Hub

Gramado Summit is a conference
created by Summit Hub

Summit Hub was created to generate connections that promote entrepreneurship. Formed by innovation and technology enthusiasts, the company breaks down barriers and drives the Brazilian ecosystem, believing and working to make Brazil increasingly a power of the New Economy.

About Summit Hub

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