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8 Reasons to attend

We know that most of the people who chose the New Economy to work with did so out of a passion for professional and personal growth, as well as the opportunity to learn and to do new business every day.

Therefore, we have prepared this list so that you know the reasons that may be decisive for your participation in the event. Or, if needed, to justify the investment for your boss.

Learn, learn & learn

Yes, you’ll learn a lot. In 2020, we'll have three different content tracks. In addition to the main plenary, a stage completely focused on Communication and Marketing and another on Finance are already confirmed. Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street, is just one of the 140 names that will be joining us. You can know the speakers clicking here.

The main topics under discussion

There will be three full days of immersion to obtain knowledge with national and international panelists. Thus, the learning can be applied immediately in your professional life.

Some of the topics that will be covered at the event are: Marketing; Digital marketing; Future of communication; Management and strategy; Money; Investment; Stock Exchange; Sales; Technology; Publicity; Personal development; Innovation in Industries; Business models; Great Cases of Entrepreneurship; etc.

Endless business possibilities

The Gramado Summit tradeshow will feature over 100 companies. Beyond that, you can assure partnerships and find opportunities by talking to all participants and exhibitors. Also be aware, the 2020 edition expects at least 8,000 people. Want a tip? Bring your business card. Each contact exchange can be a new source of revenue and learning for you and your business.

The event also has its own app, which facilitates contact between all participants (from speaker to visitor) and ensures the organization of your agenda of meetings and lectures.

Infinite Networking

The great asset of the New Economy is made of contacts and partnerships. That's why we promote dozens of opportunities regarding networking and partnership building. The Sunset Summit, the free beer time, is just one of those. A tip: carry a large amount of cards. ;)

Certificate of participation

Aside from the hands-on experience you receive, the Gramado Summit also provides a certificate of attendance at the event that can be used to boost your resume and your business.

Amazing experiences

Future foods. Playroom. Relaxation space. Scooter to use at the event. Haircut and beard. Makeup. All this and other innovative experiences will make your participation in Gramado Summit even more amazing.

Best tourist destination of Brazil

In addition to all these assets that we have already mentioned, it is worth remembering that the event takes place in one of the most visited cities in the country: Gramado. So, after spending the whole day immersed in the biggest brainstorming of Brazil, you can still take time to know the main sights and shops of the Serra Gaucha. The hospitality will be the icing on the cake of your experience.

Benefits for your company and career

After these points we have highlighted, you have to admit that your business and your can only improve with the event. The Gramado Summit is the right bet for the future.

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