Gramado Summit 2021
One of the largest producers of Google Ads content in Brazil and has helped thousands of people sell on Google with their content.

Adriano Gianini

Sócio-Diretor - Gianini Consultoria Google Ads

Gianini Consultoria Google Ads
Founder of the Instagram channel @contadoradabolsa, in 10 months it has organically reached 100,000 followers of stock market investors, with daily content simplifying taxation on the stock market. Graduated in Accounting from PUC Minas, Alice has 23 years of experience in business management.

Alice Porto

CEO - Contadora da Bolsa

Contadora da Bolsa
Alê Garcia is a writer, publicist, speaker and creator at Negro da Semana, a podcast and YouTube channel selected for the only creator development program in the world, YouPix Creators Boost. Negro da Semana was created to inspire and empower, to awaken intellectual and social awareness through the culture and trajectory of great black personalities. Alê Garcia is also the author of several books, a finalist for Awards such as Jabuti and Biblioteca Nacional, already translated into English and Spanish. @alegarcia

Alê Garcia

Digital Creator - Negro da Semana

Negro da Semana
RME President and RME Institute. Voted one of the 20 Most Powerful Forbes 2019 Women. Leading Delegate Brazil W20 / G20. Fortune Global Women Leaders

Ana Fontes

Fundadora e Presidente - RME -Rede Mulher Empreendedora

RME -Rede Mulher Empreendedora
Andre Diamand is the creator of Sexy Canvas and a reference name for Brazilian entrepreneurship. His current project, the innovative Sexy Canvas methodology is a powerful tool that analyzes the sensations that a product or brand causes in your customers.

André Diamand

CEO - Sexy Canvas

Sexy Canvas
Responsible for Digital Strategies, Research and Offline Actions of the Gramado Summit product. She's on Gramado Summit Youtube channel talking about actions that led the 2019 event to grow exponentially in tickets sold and sales. Next target for studies is Privacy and Data Protection specialty for Summit Hub.

Bia Iung

Analista Digital - Gramado Summit

Gramado Summit
In 15 years of press relations, Bruno has worked in accounts serving as BuscaPe, Fox, VivaReal, Qranio, EasiTaxi, boo-box, Samba Tech and Evernote. He has participated in major announcements in the Brazilian market and led the launch of over 130 startups in the last 8 years. Bruno Pinheiro is the founder of PiaR Comunicação, press officer of more than 50 startups in Brazil.

Bruno Pinheiro

CEO - PiaR Comunicação

PiaR Comunicação
Journalist, master of communication and doctor of social sciences. With 15 years of experience in communication and marketing management, as well as teaching activities in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She currently is a strategic communications and retail consultant for Jorge Bischoff, a gaúcha footwear company with over 80 stores in Brazil and abroad.

Carolina Leal

Consultora estratégica de comunicação e varejo - Jorge Bischoff

Jorge Bischoff
Journalist, international speaker, teacher and consultant for digital marketing and social media. He worked for 5 years in the digital strategy of 16 brands of Editora Globo and Edições Globo Condé Nast on social networks. In 2018, he received recognition as LinkedIn Top Voices, as one of the 20 Brazilians that generate the most engagement in the network, and has given lectures on LinkedIn and general social media in the US and Japan.

Cristiano Santos

Palestrante Internacional, LinkedIn Top Voice e Consultor de MKT Digital - Cristiano Santos

Cristiano Santos
Professor, Researcher and Speaker. Master and Doctor in Communication from PUCRS. Claro brand creator. Campus Party Ambassador. 4all Intern

Dado Schneider

Professor - Dado Schneider Capacitação

Dado Schneider Capacitação
Dani Junco, Mother of Lucas and founder of the accelerating B2Mamy that connects mothers to the innovation and technology ecosystem. Specialist in Branding, Sales and Community Generation.

Dani Junco

Fundadora - B2Mamy

B2B sales specialist, co-founder of Confraria do Empreendedor and Shark Tank Brazil analyst. Business development executive for Brazil growth markets at EY. Mentor in startup sales from various segments.

Diogo Garcia

Cofounder - Confraria do Empreendedor

Confraria do Empreendedor
Sou uma relações públicas apaixonada pela profissão. Atualmente lidero a área de comunicação corporativa do LinkedIn na América Latina, Espanha e Portugal. Sou responsável pelo relacionamento com a imprensa, estratégia de comunicação da marca e gestão de crise para toda região. Antes disso, gerenciei as estratégias de RP, comunicação interna e mídia sociais da GE (General Electric), trazendo à vida milhares de histórias dessa empresa centenária. Em paralelo, uso o meu LinkedIn para tratar sobre temas relacionados à mulher no mercado de trabalho e desenvolvo conteúdos para ajudar a elevar a voz dessas profissionais no Brasil.

Erica Firmo

Head de Comunicação para América Latina - LinkedIn

Fabiana Panachão is a journalist specializing in television. With extensive experience in live news coverage and ease of dealing with the general public, she has participated in major news coverage. She is currently anchor of BandNews TV and is ahead of the content and presentation of the Dinheiro em Foco program, which discusses financial education and investments. In addition, she specializes in sustainability and global issues and is on the anchor board by Jornal da Band, on TV Bandeirantes.

Fabiana Panachão

Jornalista - Dinheiro em Foco/Bandnews TV

Dinheiro em Foco/Bandnews TV
Flávio Steffens is a speaker, partner and relationship director for Vakinha, mentor at Tecnopuc Startups, co-organizer of FailCon Brazil, postgraduate professor at La Salle Business School and creator of Bicharia, a crowdfunding platform focused on the animal cause. He quit the job market in 2010 to become an entrepreneur, where he learned that the magical world of startups was not all he imagined. He was a speaker at entities such as SEBRAE-RS, CIEE-RS, PUCRS, TecnoPUC, Regional Board of Directors (CRA-RS), and at events such as Agile Brazil, Feira do Empreendedor, The Developer Conference (TDC), Creative Mornings, Startup Weekend and RD Summit.

Flávio Steffens

Diretor de Relacionamento - Vakinha

Computer Engineer graduated from Unicamp and MBA from Univ. From California Berkeley in Silicon Valley, Fábio Póvoa is an experienced entrepreneur, co-founder of Movile (www.movile.com), a Brazilian success story in a high-growth startup and today a global mobile commerce platform.

Fábio Povoa

Managing partner - Smart Money Ventures

Smart Money Ventures
Gabriela Augusto is a trans woman, is 26 years old and is the Director and Founder of Transcendemos Consultoria. Through her company, she has developed and implemented Diversity related projects in organizations such as Google, Maersk, Leo Burnett and SumUp. Gabriela holds a Bachelor of Law degree (PUC-SP), a specialist in Design Thinking (Echos Innovation Lab) and a post graduate student in Business Analytics and Big Data (FGV-SP). She is also a researcher at the Research Center on Sexualities, Feminisms, Gender and Differences (NIP-PUC-SP).

Gabriela Augusto

Diretora e Fundadora - Transcendemos

Guilherme Martins, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from UNICAMP and post graduated from FGV in Information Technology, is an entrepreneur, investor and CEO of Playkids. Passionate about business and the environment of the New Economy.

Guilherme Martins

CEO - Playkids

Gaucho writer of the city of Jaguarão in the interior of RS. Author of two bestsellers by the publisher Planeta, including Seja o Amor da Sua Vida, with more than 60,000 copies sold and elected as second best chronicler in the literary contest Felippe D'Oliveira, in Santa Maria, in 2014. Graduated in Advertising, today he talks about self-esteem to his audience that exceeds more than 1.4 million people. After realizing the impact of his work, Guilherme decided to study Psychology to further propagate the importance of mental health care.

Guilherme Pintto

CEO - Nós

Inventor and advertiser with extensive experience in design, technology, art and mobility, with over 20 years of experience among agencies, producers and educational institutions. Today he works as VP of Creation for the agency Mutato, an egress from IBM, where he was Head of Innovation for Latin America.

Icaro de Abreu

VP de Criação - Mutato

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built one of the most dynamic and successful sales organizations in Wall Street history. During this time, he reached the highest financial levels, earning more than $ 50 million a year, a feat that coined him by the name "The Wolf of Wall Street." Today, his straight line action system enables him to enable any company and organization of any class or segment to create massive wealth, abundance and business success without sacrificing integrity or ethics.

Jordan Belfort

O Lobo de Wall Street
For over 4 years on Twitter, Juliana Muncinelli (@juzao) has been responsible for connecting creators to brands, understanding the context and purpose of advertiser campaigns and ensuring that there is synergy with the talent of the ArtHouse Twitter community. Graduated in Social Communication, she has worked for companies such as Viber Media and the agency Modern Creative Intelligence. In 2012, Juliana deepened her knowledge of technology and design with the Branding and Social Media Business course at Parsons School of Design in NY.

Juliana Muncinelli

Gerente de Conteúdo - Twitter

Leandro Demori is a journalist, graduated from PUC-RS, specialized in investigative journalism with an emphasis on mafia by the Lazio Investigative Journalism Association (Rome, Italy) and certified as a Web Researcher by City University London (England). Executive editor of The Intercept Brasil, is the author of Cosa Nostra in Brazil, the story of the mobster who overthrew an empire.

Leandro Demori

Editor Executivo - The Intercept Brasil

The Intercept Brasil
With a degree in Economics and Accounting, the specialist in capital markets and Social Security Portfolio is also CNPI Analyst, Board Member and Fiscal Council member of large publicly traded companies.

Louise Barsi

Fundadora - Ações Garantem o Futuro

Ações Garantem o Futuro
She is co-founder of TROC.com.br. Passionate about the fashion world, innovation and with unique sensitivity to consumer behavior. She began her career as a tax attorney, but after being awarded a scholarship at her dreamed master's degree at Boston University, she made an important decision: to set aside law and devote herself to what she has always loved, fashion.

Luana Toniolo

CEO - Troc

Journalist and content producer. She has worked in major brands in digital agencies and since 2015 has invested 100% in independent work and home office. Since 2015 she is also editor of Adoro Home Office, the largest community in Brazil on the subject.

Marcia Breda

Editora - Adoro Home Office

Adoro Home Office
Mariana Klein holds a Master of Business Administration from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS. She is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a Professor of Digital Marketing and Metrics and Indicators at the Graduate School of Senac Porto Alegre / RS and Franciscana University in Santa Maria / RS.

Mariana Klein

Consultora - Petit Mídias Sociais

Petit Mídias Sociais
Escritor, empreendedor, mentor, palestrante e Cidadão Emérito pelo seu município, Mauricio foi sócio da XP Investimentos, hoje é sócio do StartSe e autor dos bestsellers INCANSÁVEIS e AUDAZ. Há 5 anos no Vale do Silício, se tornou referência brasileira em inovação, sendo reconhecido no Congresso Nacional como Personalidade Brasileira de 2017. É também colunista do jornal O Estado de São Paulo e palestrante do TEDx.

Mauricio Benvenutti

Sócio - StartSe

Master, specialist in consumer behavior. Intrapreneur, relationship strategist in B2B markets. Today serves as head of partnerships at the global startup Dinneer.com being responsible for strategic partnerships in 49 countries.

Naomi Kerkhoff

Co-Fundadora - Dinneer

Accounting businesswoman with offices in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro, social entrepreneur and activist on women, blackness and LGBT +.

Onília Araújo

Fundadora - I.CON Inovação Contábil

I.CON Inovação Contábil
Share CEO and Co-Founder. He has done projects with companies such as Bradesco, Azul, RedBull, Globo, Twitter, Facebook, 99, RBS, among others. Propmark columnist, one of the largest media outlets in the country. It covers major international events and is a visiting professor at colleges in the country.

Rafael Martins

CEO - Share

CEO of Fabulosa Ideia, the first Content Marketing Social Media agency in southern Brazil. In 10 years, he has served more than 300 companies, including national market leaders such as Bradesco, Santander Cultural, Intelbras, Sthil, Sanremo, RedBull, Burn, Intercity Hotels and more.

Rafael Terra

CEO - Fabulosa Ideia

Fabulosa Ideia
Renato Mendes is a co-founder of the accelerator Organica and the 10-4-3 Organica Investment Fund, as well as a postgraduate professor at Insper and Scale Up mentor at Endeavor Brasil. Every two weeks, he writes entrepreneurship and startups column at Época Negócios and is the author of the bestseller "Mude ou Morra". Renato has over 20 years of experience, almost five of them as a Netshoes executive where he was, among others, the Head of Marketing & Communications for Latin America.

Renato Mendes

Sócio - Orgânica

Referral Marketing Specialist, has already generated more than R$25 Million with the Referral Marketing strategy, encouraging a company's current customers to refer their friends without giving discounts. Founder of Base Viral, the first company that specializes in Referral Programs in Brazil.

Rodrigo Noll

CEO - Base Noll

Base Noll
In 10 years, Rony Meisler transformed Reserva into a group with 3 brands (Reserva, Eva and Reserva Mini). The strategy? Transgress the market with humorous campaigns, serve the consumer focused on enchantment and create projects with high social impact.

Rony Meisler

CEO - Reserva

Co-founder of Fantástico Mundo RP blog, Bachelor of Social Communication with qualification in Public Relations with emphasis on Multimedia, Communication and Marketing Specialist in Digital Media with 8 years of market experience in the areas of digital marketing and communication. Currently working with the launch of online courses at the company Rafael Ferreira Fotografia in Santa Maria / RS.

Tuane Nicola

Chief Operating Officer - Rafael Ferreira Fotografias

Rafael Ferreira Fotografias

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